Newborn Circumcision: Be Informed

Newborn circumcisions are primarily elective, and as such, they should be carried out as safely, humanely, and correctly as possible. Parents deserve the most complete information to help them make the best decision for their child. Here, we provide useful information not easily found elsewhere. We seek to educate about and enhance safer and better circumcisions for those who decide to do so.

Newborn circumcisions are different than those done in older children and adults. Careful consideration should be given to newborn procedures. We neither encourage nor discourage circumcisions, but rather attempt to provide comprehensive information for parents and care providers who are faced with the decisions, techniques, and care of infants undergoing circumcision.

We will discuss the correct techniques for newborn circumcision, safety and care, and outcomes. Helpful resources and links are provided to help parents be informed.

We are not providing medical advice; if you need advice, please consult with your child’s physician or care provider regarding personal concerns, risks, and outcomes.